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Pope Francis' Opinion on the Medjugorje Apparitions

Last edited 15th May 2017

Pope Francis' Opinion on the Medjugorje Apparitions

During the return flight from Fatima, Pope Francis explained his thoughts regarding the possible appearances that are occurring and stirring much conversation today: Medjugorje.

He explained that he was given the results of a detailed analysis done by the Vatican on Medjugorje. A commission led by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, it proposes to distinguish between the first apparitions, which happened more than 30 years ago, and the ones still occurring today.

"Regarding the first apparitions, when 'the visionaries' were children, the report more or less says that it has to continue to be investigated. Surrounding the alleged actual apparitions, the report has it doubts.

I personally am more negative: I prefer the Virgin Mary as a mother, our mother, not as head of a post office that sends a message every day at a specific time, this is not the mother of Jesus. And these alleged appearances do not have much value. This I say as personal opinion.”

Pope Francis also emphasized that these apparitions generate countless conversions, something that also has to be taken into account.

"There are people who go there and convert, people that find God, whose lives change. And this is not thanks to a magic wand, this is a spiritual and pastoral fact that cannot be denied. Now with all of these results, and with the responses that the theologians sent me, a bishop was appointed- very good, very good, because he has experience- to see how the pastoral part goes. At the end he will say something.”

The alleged apparitions of Medjugorje began in 1981 and still continue today. It has become one of the most recent and controversial spiritual phenomena.

In 2010, Benedict XVI created a commission to study its truthfulness. The result of this investigation is what Francis has in his hands.

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