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Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue is Becoming the Most Dangerous Wonder of the World

Last edited 16th July 2017

Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue is Becoming the Most Dangerous Wonder of the World

DOES Brazil’s Christ shed a tear looking down over the sadness below him? It’s a question Rio de Janeiro’s residents ask as they gaze up to what has become the most dangerous wonder of the world. Last Friday the steep 4km Corcovado jungle trail to the giant Christ the Redeemer statue was closed the day after a Polish man was stabbed, one of 58 people to have been robbed along the trail in just 10 days. More than 150 people have been robbed this year.

Young, armed criminals from nearby favelas (slums) have been sneaking in from the mountainside, laying in wait and pouncing before disappearing back from where they came.

Five men aged between 18 and 28 have been arrested and charged over the stabbing. Locals have become so concerned that they’ve taped makeshift signs to trees and poles printed with a handgun warning in English and Portuguese: “Be cautious. Do not risk your life.”


Dutch student Renate Trinks, 21, told how, two weeks ago, she and two friends had passed tropical plants, waterfalls and monkeys and were close to the end of the hike when they came around a bend to find three young Brazilian men waiting for them.

“When we were closer they showed us their knives and told us to sit down and give them all our stuff,” Ms Trinks said.

“While we were handing over our belongings more tourists were coming and they robbed everyone.“Some people had a lot of cash on them, and expensive cameras, [the robbers] had two backpacks full of stuff.” With one of the victims, an American woman, growing anxious, half an hour passed before the gang walked everyone 200m back down the pathway.

The robbers then disappeared into the trees behind them. “They said there was a guy waiting for us with a gun, but we never saw this guy.

So I think it was just to scare us,” Ms Trinks said.“At the beginning when I saw their knives I was a little scared but the robbery itself was not too scary, they were pretty calm. They gave back passports and credit cards.

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