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New Software Launched to Improve Management of Religious Orders

Last edited 30th July 2017

After serving several years as secretary of information for the Discalced Carmelites, Spaniard Juan Borrego realized that sometimes there is a lack of communications within religious congregations.

That is why he created Congregazone, a program to improve both the internal communication and management of religious institutions.

Director, Congregazone
"Before starting the project, we conducted a study of over one hundred religious congregations to find out what problems they had today. The problems were regarding communication and the management of both documents and files of the religious themselves."

Juan Borrego asserts that all of these congregations shared one common problem: the lack of preparation in the fields of communication and administration.

Director, Congregazone
“What Congregazone seeks, intends and achieves to do is to make easy what was once difficult. It is a program to save time and, above all, to create mechanisms for a powerful, serious and solid internal communication. In turn, it helps manage documents, resources and records of religious men and women in an easy way.”

The software has made it possible for a member to know when other members' birthdays are, how many have done certain studies, or even where a specific book is located. It can be said that it is “like the Facebook of religious congregations.

Juan Borrego is a firm advocate of transparency.

He believes that to make things work well on the outside, they must first work from the inside, which is exactly what Congregazone strives to do.


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