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Lent: Historical Accounts of the Resurrection

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Historical Accounts of the Resurrection

The Resurrection of Christ is an article of the Christian faith. But we tend to overlook the fact that the resurrection was also an historical event!

Read this article for the historical proof that the Resurrection really occurred - and for more, here is an historical study from from the Vatican!

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Reverend Father Mick Mac Andrew
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Reverend Father Mick Mac Andrew wrote at 3:05am on September 22nd 2014
Thanks for the debate, I found it very good to hear Raphael's negative arguments for the historicity of the Resurrection which centred on the Gospels being 'forged' or 'doctored'.
Fr Matt's counter argument that Christianity has survived - and is therefore true, despite Christians is the better one of course.

Charles Rice's article is very good and so I have made copies to place in the back of our parish church.

Once again, thanks for giving us the opportunity to hear such a lively debate.