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Msgr. Jaramillo, Bishop Assassinated by ELN who Pope Francis will Beatify in Colombia

Last edited 8th September 2017

Pope Francis' trip to Colombia includes the beatification of two priests who have been declared martyrs: Fr. Pedro Ramirez and Msgr. Jesus Jaramillo, the first bishop of Arauca. The bishop was assassinated on October 2, 1989 on his return from a pastoral visit by three guerrilla members, from the National Liberation Army (ELN).


Former Ambassador of Colombia to the Holy See

"He is an authentic Colombian who gave his life for the love of souls. He was not disloyal with his mission and gave his life, up until the last moment for the love of all the people from Arauca and all Colombians." César Mauricio Velázquez, former Colombian ambassador to the Holy See, has written this book to share the life sacrificed by this shepherd who was one with his flock.


Former Ambassador of Colombia to the Holy See"For us, it is a great joy in Colombia to beatify and exemplify the life of Bishop Jaramillo. His death shocked Colombia and especially stirred emotion in the Church and his diocese."

His body was found with several bullet wounds the morning after his abduction. The guerrilla members even shattered his pectoral cross and stole his episcopal ring. Today, the gutter in the road where his body was left has become a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of faithful who honor the memory of Bishop Jaramillo, a brave bishop who defied violence and worked tirelessly to improve the situation of the poorest.

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