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Hurricane Irma: Deaths as Tampa, Miami, Florida Hit by Storm

Last edited 10th September 2017

Hurricane Irma is lashing southwest Florida with the deadly storm threatening tornadoes on the state’s east coast.

Irma has lost some strength as it travels north along Florida’s west coast, and is now a Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 177km/h. But forecasts warn it will remain a powerful storm as it flooded Miami streets and knocked out power to about 2.3 million homes and businesses.

The cities and towns of Fort Myers and Tampa are now braced to feel the full effects of the storm in a few hours, after Naples was hit.

“Pray, pray for everybody in Florida,” Governor Rick Scott said on Fox News Sunday as some 116,000 people statewide took refuge in shelters.

There are fears Tampa is unprepared for the massive wind, rain and storm surge headed its way.

All of southern Florida was feeling the storm’s effects on Sunday afternoon, with at least three killed, a woman forced to deliver her own baby and trees and apartment towers swaying in high winds.

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