Year of Youth 2018

Advent: Getting to Know - Sr These Marie SV - Sisters of Life

Last edited 10th November 2017

In this interview with Sr Therese Marie SV, she shares her vocation story and a true story of mercy in her mission.

"St Margaret Mary.. had visions of the Lord, and at one point, she had shared this with a priest (or Bishop) who was sceptical about whether or not she was really having visions. And he said to her 'If you're really seeing the Lord, ask Jesus what my last sin was in Confession.' So St Margaret Mary goes back to Jesus and asks 'What was this priest's last sin?' and Jesus said 'I don't remember.' ... And that's what it's like - when we Confess our sins, that He's really there in the priest, in the Confessional, and He takes our sins and He throws it into the ocean of mercy."

Sr Therese is a Sister from the Sisters of Life from New York, who were founded in 1991.

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