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Diocese of Brooklyn Launches Vocation Video Campaign with a Twist

Last edited 8th October 2017

What do a basketball player, surfer, skateboarder and boxer all have in common? The Diocese of Brooklyn revealed the surprising answer in this video featuring priests and religious brothers who are also athletes.

The video is promoting their year dedicated to vocations, where, in addition to educating young people about single and married life, they strive to demonstrate that priests and religious live a normal life with hobbies, but just have an added love for the Lord.


Diocese of Brooklyn, "It's funny. I never thought I'd be a priest. I went to seminary with the idea of putting it to rest. I was going to go and find out this was not for me and then I was going to go home. I wasn't going to be 40 saying, 'Should I have given that a shot?' But I went and, I think, found my place.” Fr. Peter is the rector of Saint James Cathedral Basilica in Brooklyn and says each person brings his or her passions, interests, and hobbies with him into his vocation in life.

At the same time, he says to truly discover one's vocation, a thorough discernment process is required and it demands a bit of work from the person discerning.


Diocese of Brooklyn, NY “By daily prayer, attending Mass, going to confession, kind of the basic spiritual practice, but in a more intense way will help a young person. If someone is saying, 'Maybe I feel this way.' Well they have to step it up a little bit.

You can't just be the Catholic that goes to Mass on Sunday.” Fr. Peter explains that while entering one's vocation, there should be a great amount of joy and also fear, as proof one understands the gravity and significance of the calling.

For it is only when following one's true vocation that they become the best version of themselves and experience the joy and freedom these priests showcase daily.

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