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Where is God in Sutherland Springs?

Last edited 12th November 2017

Where is God in Sutherland Springs?

Yesterday I was enjoying a football game in Dallas with my family when I saw my mom type the following into her phone’s browser “San Antonio shooting.” I was curious what she was looking into so I checked my phone and before I had a chance to doubt that yet another mass shooting had taken place in our country, I saw the #SutherlandSprings tweets flooding in. I felt sick to my stomach, knowing that I was having a fun, peaceful time with my family, while an entire town in the same state was reeling after an armed man had viciously attacked a church community during their Sunday morning service.

Immediately, my mind raced with questions: who was the shooter? What was his motive? Why did he think this made sense? How could any human being think killing another innocent human being is ever ok? How were the witnesses coping? How could a Christian community that experiences an event like this see God in an event like this? Where is God in an event like this? Where are You, God?

That last question rattles me — how could an all-powerful, all-loving God just stand by and let something so terrible happen? Much less, in a place of worship? Doesn’t He have the power to intervene and stop things like this from happening?

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