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Doctors at Vatican Hospital Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins

Last edited 13th November 2017

This was the intervention carried out at Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital. Doctors were able to successfully separate conjoined twins Rayenne and Djihene, who were joined at the abdomen.

They come from Algeria, where doctors assured they couldn't do anything for them. It was a 10-hour operation in which 40 people contributed. There are no longer worried faces on their parents, Amina and Athmané, who say they are happy about the new lives their daughters have been given.

Twins' mother
“In our country, the doctors told us there was no solution. There were four months of searching but, when we received the invitation from the Bambino Gesù Hospital to come to Italy, we felt encouraged.” The operation was especially complex because the girls shared the abdominal cavity, liver, rib cage and sternum. The doctor in charge of the surgery assures it was necessary to prepare the intervention for months.

Surgery Department Director

“It began almost last year. Since they were admitted here, to Bambino Gesù, an extensive study was done, and there was a large preparatory phase that allowed us to carry out the intervention in this time and with these results.” To study the case, doctors and specialists were aided by these 3D images and replicas of the little girls.

The operation was a success, but the girls are still in the recovery stage. This medical team will continue to monitor the health of these two girls who one could say have nearly been reborn thanks to the Vatican children's hospital.

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