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Pope Francis surprises with his gift to President of Myanmar

Last edited 29th November 2017

Pope Francis suprises with his gift to President of Myanmar

The Burmese government honorably welcomed Pope Francis to the grandiose city of Naypyidaw.

The pope left a message in the book of honor in which he asked for a blessing of peace, justice and unity upon the beloved people of Myanmar.

In this enormous room in the presidential palace, Pope Francis held a private meeting with the president of the republic, Htin Kyaw.

Following the encounter, they exchanged various gifts. The president gave the pope a painting of Christ and some porcelain wares.

“Thank you.”

Pope Francis presented the president with a copy of an illustrated reproduction of Buddha's life emanating from the Vatican Library. The gift greatly surprised the head of state.

“This is one thing very unexpected.” Pope Francis wanted to give the president more information about the reproduction.

“How old is it?”“From the 13th century.”“13th century.”

After the exchanging of gifts, Pope Francis took a photo with the chief executive's family.

Also in the presidential palace, the pope met with Aung San Suu Kyi, State Counselor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar.

After some official formal photos, the two spoke in private with the help of a translator. Later, they also exchanged various gifts, among which were the three main documents from Pope Francis' papacy.

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