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Lent: Giving God Your Gifts: Tommy Francisco | R&B Singer-Songwriter

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Giving God Your Gifts: Tommy Francisco | R&B Singer-Songwriter

Doing his first music covers for fun with a selfie camera in his bathroom as a high school kid, Tommy Francisco had always thought he'd be a "suits" guy.

Now 20 years old, Bankstown-based young Catholic, Tommy has over 7500 followers on Facebook doing regular covers of Worship songs - in his own R&B style. Tommy aspires to be a singer/songwriter and hopes that through his creations, people may be drawn to the love of God.

When he's not working on his music, Tommy is working as a part-time Youth Minister at St Peter Chanel & St Joseph Berala-Auburn, is an active parishioner at St Felix de Valois Bankstown and a hopeful youth leader for Couples for Christ - Youth for Christ Campus Based, ministering to young adults at University/Tertiary Institutions.

In this special blog, as part of the 'Giving God Your Gifts' series, we interview R&B singer-songwriter, Tommy Francisco.

Growing up, did you always want to be a musician?

Not really, I actually wanted to be a business man type dude, wear suits everyday type gig. I didn't really figure out that I wanted to pursue music unti I figured out how much I disliked doing everything else! I had a whole bunch of jobs in my teens, from KFC to Ikea and it kind of led me to where I am now.

Do you have any classical training?

Nope! I didn't even do music in highschool! I kinda taught myself how to make music! My first covers were like in my bathroom with a selfie camera. I kinda understand how music is meant to sound but in honesty I just make it up as I go. It's been a lot of YouTube vids and a lot of messin' around at home.

What instruments and gear do you use to create your music?

My main 'instrument' is my voice and when I perform live I'm usually playing my guitar. These are also where almost all my songwriting starts. In terms of recording, I do everything from my bedroom. I've set it up to be a bit of a home studio.

It's crazy! I wake up in a recording studio everyday (if that's not living - I don't know what is). My recording rig is a Rode NT1A condenser mic, an Akai mini midi keyboard, and a dell Laptop from 2016 (probably the most important part of my setup!) to record, mix and master my stuff!

Who are some of your greatest musical influences? If you could collaborate with any music artists, who would they be?

Ed Sheeran, Michael Jackson, J Cole... my rotation right now is a lot of Russ and a guy called Nobigdyl... but there's a lot! I'm really into lyrics and how just saying words can make people feel some type of way.

I'd love to collaborate with ED SHEERAN, 1000%. His songwriting, melodies, structuring, lyrics - he's a genius! I think [collaborating with] Fr Rob would be super interesting too! I like where his last couple releases were heading and I like what he stands for too!

What do you do besides music that gives you energy and rejuvenates your creativity?

I'm really random, I have phases! Recently I've been really into pizza making... like trying to make the dough and messing with different cheese, and looking into its history and stuff.

I'm really into social media, like how humans interact on it. I really do believe social media will play an integral part of how humanity functions at a global level... and I like video games! I'm playing Fortnite Super Heavy at the moment.

To be honest I never really need 'energy' to make music. Sometimes I'll write a 'tired' song and sometimes I'll write an energetic one - I use the inspiration that I currently have.

In terms of rejuvenating creativity, I think being a witness to the things that are happening in my life is more than enough! There are so many times where I'm like 'man this is so random' or 'is this real', just being alive is rejuvenating... HAHA!

What do you hope is the message of your music?

In terms of a message, I just hope it comes off as real as possible. I don't really mind what people take away - maybe a little piece of me and the things I believe in.

What was the inspiration for the song ‘Mary’?

The song was inspired by Jesus' mum! (I reckon she's super underrated as a figure of inspiration). The song's story is based on when I first started going to [Eucharistic] Adoration. I was kinda unsure of what to do in the silence, and so I turned to Mary, and to the Rosary.

Listen to the song 'Mary' on Tommy's Soundcloud Page, where you can hear a number of his originals:

Follow Tommy Francisco on Facebook to view his creative covers of some well known Christian Worship songs:

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