Year of Youth 2018

What is the Purpose of Human Sexuality? Q and A with Jason Evert ACYF15

Last edited 8th February 2018

What is the purpose and meaning of sexuality? What does it mean to make love to another human being?

The Catholic Churches teaching on sex is that the total gift of your body should go along with the total gift of your person because that's what marriage is.

So when a husband and wife make love, what they are doing is exchanging their wedding vows in their body. In the Church on the day of their wedding they made promises "Do you come here today freely, without reservation, to give yourselves to one another in good times and bad... then they go off on their honeymoon and they exchange the wedding vows in the flesh in a free gift of self.

This Q and A with Jason Evert was filmed at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in 2015.

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