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Lent: Not Your Average Joe

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Not Your Average Joe

We all know Saint Joseph isn't your average guy. He was a holy man, chosen to be the foster father of Jesus, the Son of God and spouse of the Virgin Mary. Although there isn't much that we know about Joseph through Scripture, he has been a spiritual companion for all Catholics, particularly men, throughout the years.

In this blog, we spoke to some "average Joes", young Catholic men in their 20s and 30s, about Saint Joseph... who also happens to be the Saint that they've all been named after.

How has Joseph been a model for you as a man?

JOE ZAMBON: St. Joseph has been for me a model of Faithfulness to the call of God and being a devoted spouse.

JOSEPH MANALAD: As a man with his namesake, I've always been inspired by the courage and trust that St. Joseph displayed many times in the Gospel. When confronted by the choice to take Mother Mary as his wife while knowing she was with child, after an angel appeared to him in dream. He then showed incredible faithfulness and decisiveness when making the flight into Egypt. I really try to apply those qualities in many of the important decisions I make in raising my own family.

JOSEPH REYES: He is the model man! Especially for men like myself who are hoping to have a holy family of their own one day. St Joseph provides a blueprint of what is necessary to achieve that. He is a true example of humility, obedience and masculinity and how necessary these traits are to the father role in the family. And to think that his family consists of God Himself as well as Our Lady, yet he was still a father figure to the family is something so admirable in Joseph. And his lack of recorded words in the Bible showcase how he didn't need to speak to achieve this. He said nothing, but his actions and disposition spoke louder than his words ever could. That's the man I want to be.

JOE, PYRMONT: First of all, Joseph pays attention when God speaks to him in his dreams. Secondly, he orients his entire life to match God's message to protect Mary and Jesus. And thirdly, he is faithful to the traditions of Israel.

JOSE GABRIEL: Joseph has been a model of quiet humility for me. I love how he doesn’t look for validation or try to boast. He works and his work speaks for itself. I suppose also in how he helped protect mother Mary and raise Jesus in his boyhood speaks to me of how he was as a father. A model of love in self sacrifice.

Do you know the meaning of the name ‘Joseph’?

JOSE GABRIEL: I don’t really know the meaning of his name but deriving from his life it may mean “quiet and humble worker?”

JOSEPH MANALAD: My general understanding of the meaning of the name Joseph is that the Lord God gives in addition.

JOSEPH REYES: I did a long time ago but when looking at this question I forgot. Looking it up it means "he will add". Which is beautiful because it highlights exactly his persona. He wanted nothing for himself, only to add more to the Kingdom of God on earth.

JOE ZAMBON: Without Googling the answer, I wasn't entirely sure what the name Joseph meant.

JOE, PYRMONT: Yes. The person named Joseph is a living statement of trust in God's care, and of wonder at His abundant generosity.

Which of these names of Joseph do you relate to the most? Why?
Her Most Chaste Spouse, The Just Man, The Worker, Mirror of Patience

JOE, PYRMONT: 'The Just Man' - Not because I relate to it, but because this is the highest and most all-encompassing ideal. It is the mark of a man who has faced the decision to live rightly or wrongly and chosen right in every part of his life.

JOSE GABRIEL: I would relate most to Joseph as ‘The Worker’ because he strikes me as mentioned before, humble, quiet and loyal.

JOSEPH MANALAD: The title of 'the Just Man' highlights the selfless and protective nature of St. Joseph as well as his strong sense of God's righteousness. For me its a simple yet profound reminder to really grow in seeking justice for my family and fellow man.

JOSEPH REYES: 'Her Most Chaste Spouse' - because as a single male in my mid 20's, it is difficult to be chaste because of what the world is feeding us about the "ideal man". Yet St Joseph stands as a counter cultural figure and embraces chastity as a sign of true masculinity

JOE ZAMBON: 'The Just Man' has probably resonated with me the most, because Joseph was a man of discernment in desiring to do the right thing, and yet he was open and humble enough to hear God direct him even when he had made his decision. He's a great model of leadership in that respect in family, marriage, and as a leader.

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