Year of Youth 2018

Barcelona Seminary Launches Campaign to Show Day-to-day Activities of Seminarians

Last edited 19th March 2018

The Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona knows the importance of formation and has just launched a campaign to spread awareness about how young seminarians live their vocation daily.

Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona
“With this initiative, we are trying to spread happiness and naturalness because it's how we live. Many times people aren't aware of it, and with this campaign we want to spread the freshness of the day-to-day in the seminary, the happiness we experience as seminarians who said 'yes' to the Lord. That's our greatest joy.”

The video is surprising because it shows the seminarians doing everyday activities like washing clothes or playing sports. The video invites other young men to become a part of this modern seminary.

According to the Pontifical Yearbook, there are 5,304 bishops, 415,656 priests and 45,255 deacons worldwide. However, the number of seminarians in Europe has slightly declined by 9.7 percent in recent years, while figures are increasing in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona
“Priestly vocation isn't declining, because God continues to call young people today. He keeps calling them now to send them throughout the world as witnesses of his love, to be able to take in innumerable wounded hearts and, in the end, give life to the whole world.”

The Feast of St. Joseph is a special day for Catholic families, and the Seminary of Barcelona is inviting everyone to get to know its own through this campaign.


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