Year of Youth 2018

Pope's Advice to Missionaries of Mercy: Personal Rebirth and Community Life

Last edited 11th April 2018

Pope Francis celebrated a private Mass in St. Peter's Basilica with the Missionaries of Mercy, who have been gathering in Rome for formation from April 8-11.

While only 550 out of the more than 1,000 priests were present, Pope Francis offered them two pieces of advice on how to continue their special mission of forgiving the most grave sins around the world.


“These two inseparable aspects: the personal rebirth and community life. And then, addressing you, dear brothers, I think of the your ministry that you carry out starting from the Jubilee of Mercy. A ministry that moves in both these directions: at the service of people, because they 'reborn from above,' and at the service of the communities, so that they may live the commandment of love with joy and coherence.”

He continued saying that each priest is to be refueled by the love of God and capable of “raising the Cross of salvation,” as a source of conversion for the whole Church.

The pope also, however, issued a warning to each of them.


“Attention: it is not about becoming 'invasive' priests, as if you were the custodians of some extraordinary charisma. No. Ordinary priests, simple, mild, balanced, but able to let yourself be constantly regenerated by the Spirit, docile to its strength, interiorly free - above all by yourself - because the "wind" of the Spirit blows where it wants.”

Pope Francis ended his homily by confirming the “Mission of Mercy” assigned to these priests and asking them to go out to the world and share it with joy.

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