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Trump Kim summit: US and North Korean Leaders to hold Historic Talks

Last edited 11th June 2018

Trump Kim summit: US and North Korean Leaders to hold Historic Talks

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are poised to meet for an unprecedented summit on Tuesday aimed at defusing tensions on the Korean peninsula.

No sitting US president has ever met a North Korean leader.

Mr Trump has said the highly anticipated talks represent a "one-time shot" at peace.

The meeting marks a dramatic shift in relations between the pair, who last year traded insults and threats of war.

Washington hopes the summit will kick-start a process that eventually leads to denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

North Korea has said it is willing to commit to denuclearisation, but it is unclear how this will be achieved or what might be requested in return.

The summit will be held at a hotel on Sentosa, a popular tourist island a few hundred metres off the Singapore mainland, at 09:00 local time (01:00 GMT).

Heavy security and armed police are standing guard at summit-related venues across the city state.

The two leaders are staying in separate hotels, not far from each other.

In his latest tweet, hours before the summit was due to begin, Mr Trump attacked his critics who have been arguing that the US president should not be meeting the North Korean leader.

Mr Trump earlier said meetings between the two sides' officials were "going well and quickly".

He continued: "But in the end, that doesn't matter. We will all know soon whether or not a real deal, unlike those of the past, can happen!"

Mr Kim spent the evening before the meeting visiting some of Singapore's tourist sites.

He smiled and waved to excited crowds and was accompanied by Singapore's foreign minister, who tweeted a selfie standing next to him.

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