Year of Youth 2018

Through the Door of our Weakness Comes the Salvation of God: Pope

Last edited 8th August 2018

For another Wednesday, the pope was surrounded by crowds of people as he walked through the Paul VI Audience Hall.

Francis focused his catechesis again on the subject of idolatry. He used the example of the people of Israel, who built a golden calf during Moses's absence when he was spending 40 days in the desert. Without a point of reference and immersed in uncertainty, they created an idol tailored to their needs.

“Human nature, to escape from precariousness, seeks a 'do-it-yourself"'religion: if God does not show Himself, we make ourselves a made-to-measure god.” “We understand then that the idol is an excuse to place oneself at the center of reality, in the adoration of the work of one's own hands.”

The pope explained that the golden calf is a symbol for all desires that give the illusion of freedom but in reality enslave.

“Everything stems from the inability to trust above all in God, to place our trust back in Him, to let Him give true depth to the desires of our hearts. This would allow us to cope with weakness, uncertainty and insecurity.”

Therefore, Francis insisted that when God is not recognized as the only Lord, it is easy to fall into idolatry.

“When we welcome the God of Jesus Christ, who as a rich man made Himself poor for us, one discovers then that recognizing one's own weakness is not the misfortune of human life, but it is the condition to open oneself to One who is truly strong. Then, God's salvation enters through the door of weakness.”

Finally, the pope recalled that, thanks to Christ, human frailty is not a curse but the place where it is possible to find the strength that comes from God the Father.


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