Year of Youth 2018

Moving Forward with Healing and Compassion | Xt3 Vox

Last edited 11th September 2018

As this Year of Youth comes to a close and as the Church addresses the reality of sexual abuse scandals, we interviewed young people about their thoughts on how the Church can move forward towards healing and compassion.

We as young Catholics have a choice in this critical time in the history of our Church - to help or simply do nothing.

Elizabeth, from Sydney Catholic Youth, along with went out to EastFes in Waverley, Sydney to ask young people what their thoughts were on the matter. We were intrigued and inspired by what each individual had to share.

Thank you to Sydney Catholic Youth, the Eastern Deanery team that put EastFest together, and all the young people we interviewed in this video who were willing to speak up and share with us about this heavy topic.


Xt3 Vox is a video series where we go out to the young people of Australia to hear their thoughts, opinions or views on topics related to our faith and culture.

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