Year of Youth 2018


Last edited 30th May 2019


Dear friends of Xt3,

We have some BIG news to share with you!

Xt3, which was established during World Youth Day Sydney 08, will be ceasing operations in July.

The good news is you can still plug into Catholic faith-based content for young people through Sydney Catholic Youth, the youth and young adults agency of the Archdiocese of Sydney.

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We are no longer adding new content to In the coming months, selected Xt3 content and services will be moved to the Sydney Catholic Youth website ( and the Archdiocese of Sydney website (

Even though Xt3’s website ( and social media platforms will no longer exist from July 31, 2019, we still want to keep in touch and update you through the Sydney Catholic Youth newsletter, which you are free to opt out of at any time.

We may also contact you from time to time for other purposes related to the Catholic Church. You are also free to opt out of these communications at any time.

You will not be able to access content on Xt3 after July 31, 2019 so if you want to retain or remove any content that you may have saved or created please do so by this time.

We thank you for journeying with Xt3 in discovering the beauty of our Catholic faith and the Archdiocese of Sydney looks forward to continuing to share with you our vision of bringing Christ to the Third Millennium.

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Shaji MC
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Shaji MC wrote at 2:45pm on June 7th 2019
Thank you xt3 team. You have been helping me in my faith journey and I could not find a web page like xt3 yet.
Miss Ophely Roshy
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Miss Ophely Roshy wrote at 2:51am on July 1st 2019
Thank you for everythig XT3 TEAM!! You always had a prompt attention. Alll your articles were excellent. You did a great work! sorry for my bad english, I speak spanish... So sad is concluding, we all had an unforgettable time with Pope Benedict XVI, the best experience with the HOLY SPIRIT, we kept His love in our hearts forever, this experience had been leading us in our lifes, the Holy Spirit is the best GUIDE...Blessings for everybody.....
Miss Ophely Roshy
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Miss Ophely Roshy wrote at 3:18am on July 3rd 2019
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Miss Ophely Roshy
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Miss Ophely Roshy wrote at 3:19am on July 3rd 2019
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