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Five Years with Pope Benedict XVI

Last edited 13th February 2013

April 19th marks 5-years since the election of Pope Benedict XVI. Watch this video for some of the highlights of key events during the Holy Father's Papacy.

Happy Anniversary Pope Benedict!

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jackie sikder
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jackie sikder wrote at 11:14am on April 16th 2010
Happy Anniversary Pope Benedict. May you have many more happy years as our holy farther. May god bless you. And may our mother mary keep you safe all ways.
Vedran Kosalec
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Vedran Kosalec wrote at 7:02am on April 19th 2010
dear God, pls don't leave us nad give our Holy Father strength during this attacks...Mary Help of Christians pray for us...
Val Goodwin
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Val Goodwin wrote at 7:20am on April 19th 2010
What a wonderful account of the Holy Father's life. Val
Stanislawa Bukowicka
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Stanislawa Bukowicka wrote at 1:48pm on April 19th 2010
Our most beloved Holy Father thank you for your kind self-effacing yes on April the 19 five years ago. Thank you for your loving-care, and for your encouraging teaching and supportive words, and for your all pastoral visits including that to Warsaw in May 2006, and for your warm greetings in our native languages. There is a long list of that for which we should give thanks to Your Holiness. Happy anniversary and many happy returns.
Ofelia Rojas Vertiz C.
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Ofelia Rojas Vertiz C. wrote at 3:42am on April 20th 2010
Dear Mary of the SOUTHERN CROSS, please help the stone of the church, please help the HOLY FATHER Benedict XVI, he is a saint, you know him , HE is taking care very well of the church . He is a wise men ,( I am sorry if i have bad mistakes in my poor english), PLEASE HOLY SPIRIT STAY WITH HIM, STILL GIVING HIM ALL THE GIFTS FROM YOU HOLLY SPIRIT, and even more and more. GOD FATHER GIVE HIM HEALTH, STRENGHTNESS, TAKE CARE OF HIM, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, HE IS THE FATHER OF ALL OF US CATHOLICS, PLEASE , HE IS MY FATHER TOO. PLEASE MY LORD IN THE NAME OF U JESUS, NAME ABOVE EVERYTHING. AMEN.
Vincent Cassar
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Vincent Cassar wrote at 4:32pm on April 20th 2010
Dear Pope, you have showed in Mlata the power of God and you set out the example and showed how strong you are in front of all those attacks! One person who has been abused by the clergy has made it public that after 12 years away from church he feels full of spirit and will return to his catholic faith! Miracles do happen in Malta too! Thanks to our faith! Thanks St Paul! Thank you Lord for using all the resources we have available to show us your way!