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I’m Addicted to My Cellphone

Last edited 28th April 2010

I’m Addicted to My Cellphone

People often speak loosely about youths being “addicted” to their cellphones or iPods but research carried out at the University of Maryland had students using the word themselves when they wrote about how they felt while abstaining from all media for a day!

Are you addicted to your phone? Comment below...

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Dominique Tran
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Dominique Tran wrote at 6:53pm on April 28th 2010
I don't think that I'm addicted to my phone. Since I spend much time sending messages, I try to do it only during idle moments (bus, car and so on) to not waste my precious time :)
Tara McInnes
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Tara McInnes wrote at 7:19pm on April 28th 2010
What I hate is when I meet friends for a meal including loads of Catholics and other Christians and they are texting or talking in front of me, I find it offensive and very bad manners, they can wait til they are on their own... Mother Anne Maree at the Dominican retreat last year said when with other face to face friends, that person with you deserves your presence and I AGREE!!!!
Barbara Therese Lachmanek
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Barbara Therese Lachmanek wrote at 3:41am on April 29th 2010
I too wonder if people these days are addicted to their phones. i work in retail and I find it extremely annoying when people spend their entire time talking on their phones and not paying attention to what they are purchasing. It can be very frustrating!
Dominique Tran
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Dominique Tran wrote at 7:40pm on April 29th 2010
Yes, I agree with you. I think that young people should be more educated to not use their phone at any time. They should learn that answering to a message, or chatting with somebody is not always urgent