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World Youth Day 2011 Promo

Last edited 9th September 2011

The Catholic Church in Australia has prepared this inspiring video to get YOU ready for WYD 2011 in Madrid! Pass this video onto everyone you know... and see you in Madrid!

Music by Matt Maher:
For information on WYD Tours for Aust & NZ:
For more on World Youth Day 2011:

Video produced by Catholic Communications, Archdiocese of Sydney

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Kate Walsh
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Kate Walsh wrote at 11:18pm on June 7th 2010
This is awesome! I'm already planning on going, but this just made me even more excited - if that's possible ;)
James Lactao
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James Lactao wrote at 10:15am on June 15th 2010
This video gave me goose bumps. After seeing it, the more that I wanted to go to Madrid in 2011!
Deo Boldo
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Deo Boldo wrote at 12:02pm on June 16th 2010
I wish I could still come!! I'm really excited to experience this awsome time with God and with the world! =)
Emanuela Bringheli
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Emanuela Bringheli wrote at 10:18am on June 17th 2010
thank you WYD!!!
Ashley Mitcham
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Ashley Mitcham wrote at 12:13pm on June 17th 2010
Awww I really want to go but its impossible for me! I know it will be amazing, at least I will have xt3 to see all of the WYD from home!

God bless all who attend... for me I had a conversion, I hope that for all those who attend!
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JAMIE WARREN ELVY wrote at 3:14am on July 3rd 2010
Team leader for WYDSyd08
Oyun Oyun lar
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Oyun Oyun lar wrote at 8:49pm on August 6th 2010
thanks for you.. gayet güzel olmuş teşekkür ederiz.
Okey Oyna
Esther Mobilik
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Esther Mobilik wrote at 10:35am on October 18th 2010
See you in Madrid!
Scott Thull
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Scott Thull wrote at 9:31pm on October 26th 2010
Our church wants to show this awesome video to our congregation. Is there a way to get a higher resolution digital version either on a dvd or a wmv file? I'm going to contat the Archdiocese of Sydney, but just in case anyone out there has figured this out already...

Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 3:49am on October 27th 2010
Hey Scott,

Send an email via the Xt3 feedback page and we can get in touch with you about this :)

By the way all- very sorry if you receieved a notification that there was a comment on this page by S***n... someone thought they were being funny, it's deleted now.
Catherine Moore
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Catherine Moore wrote at 4:27am on July 25th 2011
Are you ready! I agree, this is awesome. Coming from Northern california Sacramento Diocese. We will be there!
Joseph Karukayil
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Joseph Karukayil wrote at 2:13pm on August 16th 2011
Praise the Lord for the event ... since I will not be there for the event waiting for the Video :)