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How a Strategy of "Silence" Saved Thousands of Jews

Last edited 27th May 2010

How a Strategy of

The Pave the Way Foundation has initiated a document retrieval project to reveal as much information and as many testimonies as possible regarding the papacy of Pope Pius XII, the World War II Pontiff, in order to break the academic "log jam" caused by the lack of publicly available information.

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yves marie R
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yves marie R wrote at 7:12am on May 27th 2010

Quand Golda Meir et des autorités juives elles-mêmes rendent hommage à Pie XII, pourquoi continuer à s'acharner à la suite de la légende noire initiée par "Le vicaire", au mépris de la vérité ?

When Golda Meir and Jude authorities thanks Pope Pius XII for his actions, why continue to follow the black legend issued from "the vicar" against truth ?