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Why Rome?

Last edited 30th June 2010

Why Rome?

A question you will sometimes hear when talking about the role of the Pope in the Church is “Why Rome?” In other words, even if Peter himself did have primacy, why does the bishop of Rome have that primacy now? After all, Jerusalem was clearly the center of the Christian church at the beginning and Peter was also the bishop of Antioch before he went to Rome, so why does not one of those two have primacy in the Church?

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Gary Wilson
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Gary Wilson wrote at 11:07am on June 28th 2010
It is matter of factly stated that Peter was the Bishop of Antioch.
Is this purely tradition ? No historical records would easily show this.
Are we dependent on an insider's view - eg Eusebius?

Please provide the evidence, remembering that true history only emerged in the 19th century. hagiography will not do.