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Celibacy and the Priesthood - an Inside Account

Last edited 26th August 2010

Celibacy and the Priesthood - an Inside Account

The Challenges of a Celibate Life

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In our sex-saturated culture, celibacy is difficult to understand, let alone live. Here, Fr Michael honestly recounts the challenges of being celibate.

1. What are the negatives/challenges involved in being celibate?
2. Are you lonely?
3. Do you miss female company?
4. Was it difficult to give up the idea of having a wife and children?
5. Most men seem to have the inherent desire to be a husband and a father - where is your outlet for those feelings/desires?
6. Does being celibate make it difficult to control your sexuality? Where or what is the outlet for your sexuality?
7. Do you think it should be a personal choice to be celibate or should the Church require it?
8. Do you have female friends to talk to or is that too tempting?
9. What would happen if you met a girl you liked, or fell in love? What would you do?
10. Does celibacy get easier as time goes on?
11. Do you think celibacy is a cause of sin? Are men putting themselves unnecessarily in the way of temptation rather than allowing themselves to marry and enjoy sex?