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The Catholic Church - a Missionary Community

Last edited 6th July 2009

The Catholic Church - a Missionary Community

Father Giuseppe Cardamone MSP (from the 'Missionary Servants of the Poor of the Third World' who work in Peru) talks gently & compellingly about the missionary role at the heart of the Church:  "I pray that this talk will not just be informative but performative.. each of us has a missionary call.  I'm here to call ..& to speak to your Christian sensitivities which are missionary….the Catholic Church is itself a missionary community, where it takes roots there it must be missionary...We affirm that Jesus is the unique son of God.To say the truth doesn't mean to be proud but humble... God is still calling young people to be missionaries....The task of our life is to know the will of God & to accomplish it the best we can. When we have discovered it we discover a sense of freedom." - Talk 50 mins; Q&As 10 mins.

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