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Xt3 - Recording The Events You Missed

Same-Sex Marriage - Monica Doumit, Catholic Talk

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In this talk given on Sunday the 2nd of August at the weekly young adults group 'Sunday's at the Friary' Monica Doumit, editor of Catholic Talk, addressed a current hot topic, same-sex marriage.

In the talk she discusses what legalising same-sex marriage might do to our culture including five “negative” changes.

1. Undermining the idea that marriage is linked to children
2. Treating gender as inconsequential
3. An increase in the use of assisted reproductive technologies
4 Pave the way for other relationships being seen as marriage
5 Affect religious freedom

She also addresses common arguments for same-sex marriage.

1 Marriage being a human right
2 Denying marriage to same-sex couples is the same as denying marriage to those from different races or religions
3 Same-sex couples should have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples, and civil unions don't allow for this
4 Children of same-sex couples do just the same, if not better, than children of heterosexual couples
5 If marriage is all about children, then why do we allow infertile or elderly couples to marry?
6 My marriage won't affect your marriage
7 All love is equal. We are not allowed to define love.
8 Denying marriage puts young, LGBTI Australians at risk
9 It is a hateful/homophobic position to take
10 72% of Australians support same-sex marriage