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Benedict XVI Is 1st Signed up for '11 Youth Day

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Benedict XVI Is 1st Signed up for '11 Youth Day

Registrations opened on July 1 for the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid, with Benedict XVI being the first participant signed up.

To register for WYD Madrid, visit the official website!

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Pastor Fidelis Uwagboe
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Pastor Fidelis Uwagboe wrote at 11:07am on July 13th 2010
Hello We thank God the Almighty for allowing us witness rhe Begining of another registration for the World Youth Day Programme. we have been trying to Register our group from Nigeria, but we are encountering a problem with the phone number section. The programme seems not be recognising our country code with the phone number. we therefore request your assistance in this regard . We have tried so hard without result. Please do something for us. Our Country code is +234 8050478515