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Vatican Targeted in Cyber Attack on Google

Last edited 19th July 2010

Vatican Targeted in Cyber Attack on Google

This weekend the Vatican was targeted in a cyber attack by an unknown person who used the Google Internet search engine to misdirect Web browsers searching for information.

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Daniel Amos
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Daniel Amos wrote at 12:56am on July 20th 2010
The Vatican may experience more such attacks in the future, as more misinformation about catholic beliefs and it's current responses to sexual abuse are spread by the media. In deed, severe copy-cat cyber attacks on the Vatican may eventuate in the future, as this would be where the Vatican is at it's weakest. That is compared to someone physically attacking the Pope and the Vatican itself.
Joseph Aveni
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Joseph Aveni wrote at 4:48am on July 26th 2010
You see Daniel. The church is the "truth." That disturbs way too many people. So they have to think of ways to justify their mis-deeds. Church may have faults but if God were to measure them (and lucky for us that he is a "all forgiving God" and doesn't). Humility would grace those who "think" they are above absolution and any fault. I am not condoning failures only bringing some light on the subject, rather then cursing the darkness.