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Himno JMJ Madrid 2011 / Hymn for WYD Madrid 2011

Last edited 9th November 2010

The official song for WYD 2011 in Madrid - called "Firm in the Faith" - has just been released in Spanish! Watch this video listen to the song, and click here if you would like to download different versions of the official hymn, as well as the musical scores.

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Daniel Amos
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Daniel Amos wrote at 3:34am on November 9th 2010
Sorry Madrid, but Sydney was waaay better!
Jacqueline Kwan
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Jacqueline Kwan wrote at 12:12pm on November 10th 2010
nice nice!! :)
huong nguyen
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huong nguyen wrote at 5:51am on November 14th 2010
I can sense the song, even I don't understand the words .
Marili Josie Amper
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Marili Josie Amper wrote at 9:14am on November 15th 2010
It's nice but WYD-Manila theme song is still the best for me:)
David Andrews
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David Andrews wrote at 5:21am on November 16th 2010
I agree with Daniel. Who could ever forget the excitment, exhilaration and pure uplifting spirit of Receive the Power. Loved hearing it through the streets of Sydney, not sure this anthem would have the same infectious effect. Receive the Power still gives me goosebumps 2 years latter. Great Song
Alan Byrne
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Alan Byrne wrote at 12:14pm on November 16th 2010
I agree with Daniel and David. Receive the Power was incredible, also still gives me goosebumps. Just listened to it! It brings up incredible memories and emotions! Looking forward to WYD in Madrid though! ;)