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The Digital Story of the Nativity

Last edited 21st January 2011

How social media, web and mobile tell the story of the Nativity! Watch this fantastic clip to experience the Christmas story told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare, Amazon... "Times change, the feeling remains the same."

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Daniel Amos
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Daniel Amos wrote at 12:37am on December 15th 2010
lol, that was a nice idea!
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 12:43am on December 15th 2010
Absolutely love it!
Johnny Jiang
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Johnny Jiang wrote at 2:30am on December 15th 2010
haha, this is GREAT!!
Maria Sosa
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Maria Sosa wrote at 9:54am on December 21st 2010
cool!! Merry Christmas to all of you!! Feliz Navidad from Spain!
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 4:41am on December 23rd 2010
Merry Christmas everyone!
Fr Jose Sebastian
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Fr Jose Sebastian wrote at 5:08am on December 23rd 2010
Merry Christmas. May His birth bring cheer to the hearts of all viewers
Fernando Villaron
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Fernando Villaron wrote at 10:40pm on December 28th 2010
From Spain, nice, absolutely nice
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Guest wrote at 11:07pm on January 5th 2011
Very funny,
realmente me pareció muy gracioso y ya se lo mostré a mis amigos por Navidad ...