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WYD / JMJ 1997 Paris - Pope John Paul II's homily at the final Mass

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WYD / JMJ 1997 Paris - Pope John Paul II's homily at the final Mass

"'Teacher, where are you staying?' (Jn 1:38). This is the question which Jesus was asked one day by two young men...

Dear friends, I am happy to be able to meditate upon this Gospel with you, together with the Cardinals and Bishops who have joined us.....

The few lines of the Gospel of John which we have just heard sum up the programme of World Youth Day: it is an exchange of questions, and then an answer which is also an appeal. In presenting this encounter with Jesus, today's liturgy wants to show that which counts most in your lives. As the Successor of Peter, I too have come to invite you to ask Christ: "Where are you staying?". If you ask him this question sincerely, you will be able to hear his response and receive from him the courage and strength to carry it out.

The question is born of a quest. Men and women seek God. Young people realize in the depths of their being that this quest is the inner law of their lives. Human beings seek their way in the visible world and, through the visible world, they seek the unseen world at every stage of their spiritual journey. Each of us can repeat the words of the Psalmist: 'Your face, Lord, do I seek; hide not your face from me' (Ps 27:8-9). We all have our personal history and an innate desire to see God, a desire which makes itself felt at the same time as we discover the created world. This world is wonderful and rich; it sets before us countless treasures; it enchants us; it attracts both our reason and our will. But in the end it does not satisfy our spirit. Man realizes that this world, with all its many riches, is superficial and precarious; in a sense, it is destined for death. Nowadays, we are more aware of the fragility of our earth, too often degraded by the hand of man himself, to whom the Creator entrusted it...."

The final Mass was on Sunday, 24th August 1997, at Longchamp Racecourse.  If you were in Paris with JPII, please join Xt3's WYD / JMJ 1997 group & share your memories!

The link below is for the English translation.  You can also read Pope John Paul's homily in French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish.

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