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Catholic Media Reality Check - Unpacking the Headlines

Last edited 10th February 2011

Catholic Media Reality Check - Unpacking the Headlines

The Catholic Church is often the punching bag for the secular media and in the past irresponsible journalism has lead to confusion regarding Church teachings and sensationalism. This in turn has lead to undeserved negative press towards the Church. Usually the priests and the lay faithful of the Church have to pick up the pieces of this negative and one sided journalism.   

This podcast aims to "name and shame” the journalists and media companies that report in a biased and unfair way and to de-construct the media, getting to the heart and truth of the matter and pulling them up on anything that is dodgy, incorrect or misleading.  

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Paul Grova
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Paul Grova wrote at 12:23pm on December 28th 2010
Great job girls ..

Someone should be briefing Media Watch as well on this and the other instances of unprofessional journalism.
I have been writing to my political reps asking that the media face fines or penalty points leading to licence suspension when so little effort is made to be impartial and factual.
Daniel Amos
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Daniel Amos wrote at 2:25am on December 30th 2010
Great job! Keep it up! In fact, this is such a great initiative by Xt3, that it deserves a more prominent place on the website.
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 6:33am on January 13th 2011
Thanks so much for the feedback Paul and Daniel, there are a few more episodes up now. Hope you enjoy listening!

And feel free to pass on any articles that you think might be worth looking into for this podcast.
Ashley Mitcham
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Ashley Mitcham wrote at 9:54am on January 14th 2011
Really great! Keep it up girls :)
Jerry J
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Jerry J wrote at 8:29am on January 16th 2011
Praise God!
Suzanne Butterworth
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Suzanne Butterworth wrote at 7:49am on January 17th 2011
Good work. It certainly doesn't motivate me nor anyone I know to buy a newspaper that prints this rubbish. When this stuff appears on the news I simple switch it off and go to EWTN for the real story.

Sue B
sarah turner
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sarah turner wrote at 8:27am on January 17th 2011
And this is the perfect example of why the only part of the secular newspapers I trust is the comics - at least I know for sure that what I am reading doesn't purport to be anything other than fiction!!
Carla Colindres
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Carla Colindres wrote at 3:37am on January 24th 2011
EXELLENT!! thank you very much!!