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The Genealogy of Jesus

Last edited 23rd December 2010

Everyone has a family history... so what is the story behind the family that Jesus was born into? In this video Fr Robert Barron comments on the genealogy of Jesus, and talks about some of the individuals within Jesus' family tree. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, there is no better way to reflect on his very human, yet supernatural birth, than examining his family history.

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John Hiner
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John Hiner wrote at 8:08pm on February 12th 2011
In parts this is a pleasant and useful piece.
Sadly, the phrase "no one knows" is so loose and false that it casts doubt on both the message and the speaker. It is an implied denial of eternal life. To include it in one's working speech, is to strongly suggest that one does not include salvation in his working approach to life or understanding. It is also very distressing to seem to refer to the Church as a "dysfunctional family." This too seems to represent a telling failure of the virtue of hope. (It may have been a slip of the tongue, confusing our membership in the Church with our membership in the "human family," but it is a crippling slip, sufficient to derail an attentive but insecure listener.)
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 1:06am on December 9th 2011
What a great reflection - thank you Fr. Barron!