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Pope Visits Memorial of Italian Nazi Victims

Last edited 28th March 2011

Pope Visits Memorial of Italian Nazi Victims

On Sunday 27 March, Pope Benedict XVI paid homage to the 335 Italians who were massacred in 1944 by the occupying Nazi forces at Fosse Ardeatine on the outskirts of Rome, which he called an "offense against God." The Pope made a private visit to the commemorative monument to mark the 67th anniversary of the March 24 Ardeatine massacre, which was a reprisal for a March 23, 1944, attack on occupying German forces.

The Holy Father said he came to monument to "to pray and to renew the memory. I have come to invoke divine mercy, which alone can fill the voids, the chasms opened by men when, driven by blind violence, they renounce their dignity as sons of God and brothers."

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