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WYD 100% Natural Campaign

Last edited 6th July 2011

This video marks the launch of the '100% Natural' World Youth Day Campaign! WYD Madrid volunteers are encouraging all pilgrims to protect the environment so that World Youth Day 2011 will be 100% sustainable, and 100% Christian... "Be Part of the 100%"!

In his message for the 2010 World Day of Peace, Pope Benedict XVI called for Catholics everywhere to take greater care of the environment, stating: "If you want to cultivate peace, protect the environment". Click here to read the full message from the Holy Father.

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Norman Lévesque
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Norman Lévesque wrote at 1:58am on May 17th 2011
I am a well respected speaker, well renouned in French speaking Canada (Quebec), a young theologian and environmentalist (30 years old). I am the director of the Green Church Program in Canada I offered a cool presentation during the Youth Festival in Sydney and the participants said it was a must during the next WYD. So I sent my application one year and a half ago to give a great presentation called the GREEN PAGES OF THE BIBLE (that I've already given 100 times). And guess what? The organizers refused it for obscure reasons.
I wish some people would have spoken up. My presentation would have been amazing in a 100% Natural WYD.
Serving God by taking care of Creation,
Norman Levesque