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Patroness of Purity - The Story of St. Maria Goretti

Last edited 25th July 2011

Patroness of Purity - The Story of St. Maria Goretti

In many of his addresses, Pope John Paul II has noted that the 20th century has been perhaps the bloodiest and most murderous century in the history of mankind, giving the Church the most martyrs in her 2,000-year history. It should be a matter of profound reflection that the 20th century may be said to have begun with the martyrdom in 1902 of a young girl, Maria Goretti, not yet 12 years of age, who did not hesitate to give her life for the virtues of virginity and chastity so cherished by the Catholic Church.

Visit this article to read a reflection on the short life of St. Maria Goretti - a humble farm girl, chosen by God to be a Patroness of purity in the 20th century and beyond.

The Church celebrates the feast of St. Maria Goretti on 6 July.

Visit this article

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