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7 Reasons for Good Cheer After Madrid

Last edited 22nd August 2011

7 Reasons for Good Cheer After Madrid

Last year at this time the Catholic Church was licking its wounds after its biggest public relations shellacking in many years. Newspaper columnists sneered that the scandal caused by a few priest paedophiles was the beginning of the end. Its followers were so disgusted that they were said to be turning in their membership cards.

But if that pessimistic reading of the tea leaves was true, how do you explain the presence of two million young people in Madrid over the weekend to listen to an 83-year-old German Pope? They were all aware of the vile actions of a handful of rogue priests but these had not shaken their confidence in the Church or its leader. So, if you are a Catholic sympathiser, World Youth Day 2011 gave abundant reasons for hope. Visit this artile to read 7 of these reasons!.

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