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Irish WYD Pilgrims Convince Couple Not to Abort

Last edited 28th August 2011

Irish WYD Pilgrims Convince Couple Not to Abort

Among the first fruits of World Youth Day is a human life saved from abortion. The International Center for the Defense of Human Life (CIDEVIDA) told ZENIT about the baby who was saved Aug. 19.

That day, a group of Irish pilgrims were praying in front of the church of St. Martin of Tours, nearby an abortion clinic. A couple arrived at the clinic with the intention of aborting their child, but the young people were able to speak to them about the decision. A volunteer from CIDEVIDA, which had set up an exhibition in the cloister of the church, joined the group and put the couple in contact with the Red Madre (Mother Network) Foundation, which gives support, advice and help to pregnant women. This network committed itself to support the birth of the couple's child, and the parents grew stronger in their decision not to abort.

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