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Madrid World Youth Day's Shortcomings Offer Lessons for Rio

Last edited 1st September 2011

Madrid World Youth Day's Shortcomings Offer Lessons for Rio

It was one of the most remarkable global manifestations of the Catholic faith in recent memory. But since pilgrims have started returning home from World Youth Day, some are talking about the disorganization they experienced and how the event could be improved. For example, around 100,000 of the 1.5 million pilgrims we refused entry into the venue for the Vigil and Final Mass, despite having the correct passes.
So what lessons can be learned from Madrid for the next World Youth Day, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2013? Visit this article to read more.

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Orland Daniel Batongbakal
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Orland Daniel Batongbakal wrote at 7:51pm on September 2nd 2011
They forgot about those the overcrowding in the stage at Cuatro Vientos.
And having allowed a lot of people in the stage with the Pope is a big NO-NO with the papal security. I think the people who have business to be on the stage are the royal family, the bishops, the choir, the liturgical servers, others who has something to do during the liturgies, and some of the security for the Pope and the royal family....

And also about the maintanance of the solemnity of the vigil and the mass.
The people at the Cuatro Vientos kept screaming "BE------NEDICTO!" while the Pope is in between his Homilies. Which people can just keep it it to themselves at the start until the end of the celebrations.

Let's have take for example WYD '95 Manila.
The got an amazing crowd control and everybody fitted at Luneta Park. Imagine that small venue accomodated about 5 Million People for the Papal Mass and everybody is well behaved during the celebration. How much more Madrid who only had about 4 Million people who attended cannot control the crowd..