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Official Website for World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro Launched

Last edited 7th December 2011

Even though the next World Youth Day is about two years away, preparations are well under way. On September 18, the official World Youth Day website was launched. It includes all types of information, from registration to volunteering and of course basic facts on Brazil.

On the website, one can also connect to World Youth Day's official networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. World Youth Day will be celebrated from July 23rd to the 28th, 2013.

Click here to take a look:

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Johnny Jiang
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Johnny Jiang wrote at 7:58am on September 26th 2011
thats fast
Dikeledi Brigid Kowa-Msiza
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Dikeledi Brigid Kowa-Msiza wrote at 9:56am on September 26th 2011
Come 2013 we will be in Brazil!This is pretty cool and fast and Im loving it!
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 12:29am on September 28th 2011
The Xt3 logo is on the WYD 2013 website - I guess they're hoping we are going to be webcasting the events again :)
John Abraham
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John Abraham wrote at 4:22pm on October 4th 2011
Hi ! I would like to be a part of world youth day at Rio de Janeiro. ehat do i need to do for that. ..?
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 5:47am on October 5th 2011
HI John, you can get started by registering your interest on the official WYD Rio website:
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Guest wrote at 6:20am on November 11th 2011
This is great ! I love Brazil and just a little wink about Brazil...I agree with some "theologian about liberation" but it is another debate !!
This is a fantastic opportunity to the Brazilian Catholic Chuch to welcome this big event !!

I could say this expression I learned in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul : "BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!