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Basic Portuguese Phrases – For Travelling in Brazil

Last edited 13th December 2011

Basic Portuguese Phrases – For Travelling in Brazil

Are you planning to travel to Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day 2013? The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, and a large proportion of the population does not speak English. So if you are planning to attend WYD, now is the time to start learning Portuguese! Here are a few basic phrases to help you get started.

If you understand Portugese, leave a comment below with some more useful phrases for pilgrims travelling to World Youth Day 2013!

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Fabio Zacarias
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Fabio Zacarias wrote at 5:48pm on December 12th 2011
Just a correction: "How do you do?" , in portuguese is "Como você faz?"
I'm Brasilian! If someone wants to practice portuguese, send me an email or add msn:

God Bless you!!
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 12:20am on December 13th 2011
Thank you for letting us know Fabio - we have made the correction :)

Hopefully see you in Rio!