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Vinnies NSW Launches Appeal as Wagga Wagga Floods

Last edited 6th March 2012

Vinnies NSW Launches Appeal as Wagga Wagga Floods

More than 13,000 people had been evacuated from their homes in towns across the Australian state of NSW as flood waters continued to rise. One of the worst hit areas is Wagga Wagga where the Murrumbidgee River is threatening to reach 10.9 metres or higher. The levee around the CBD including the city's historic Gothic Revival St Michael's Cathedral, is 11 metres high but there are fears it may fail.

To help victims of the most widespread floods in memory, St Vincent de Paul NSW has launched a Flood Appeal. Visit this article from the Archdiocese of Sydney website to reasd more. To make a donation to the Vinnies Flood Appeal log on to or call 13 18 12 or send your donation to Vinnies, PO Box 5 Petersham, NSW 2049.

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