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"The Hunger Games" - A Commentary by Fr. Barron

Last edited 27th March 2012

"The Hunger Games" has hit cinemas around the world, and has been labelled as the hottest series since Twilight. The movie is about a group of young people, who are chosen by lottery to fight in a battle to the death. Why is this idea of human sacrifice, such a popular concept in pop culture? Fr. Robert Barron explores the themes of the "The Hunger Games" in this video.

Warning: This movie review has spoilers...

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Guest wrote at 5:38am on April 1st 2012
Hm. It's interesting how Father Robert Barron said this movie has a good moral, while the other one shown on XT3 News says not to watch it. Honestly, I'm with Father Barron, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 12:12pm on April 1st 2012
It's good to have both sides of the debate :)
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Guest wrote at 4:32pm on April 1st 2012
Yeah, but I don't think the other lady knows what the book is about. She says it is immoral and its' message is that violence is okay, but if she read the books she would know that this is the opposite of what the books are about. The message of the books is that violence and murder is bad. This is why the characters don't play the game correctly and only kill in self-defense.
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Guest wrote at 4:33pm on April 1st 2012
And actually, killing in self-defense is perfectly moral, and I think I heard it's wrong if you choose not to and instead die.
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ROY SEQUEIRA wrote at 9:47am on April 4th 2012
.When i went to see in the film ic was feeling uncomnfortable from start just little chidren being made to fight murder and kill each other before the start of the scene i just walked out of the movie theatre and save d myself from the dreadfull scenes which wud have corrupted my mind. if this is box office and twilight series etc GOD SAVE THE GENERATION TO COME WE PRAY FOR THEM EARNESTLY AND PLEASE KEEP PRAYING WE JUST GOT TO PUT AN END TO THE ROOT PROBLEMS WHICH ICORRUPTING YOUNG MINDS >It would be pointless arguing the good and bad effects of this film which is totally condemnable STAY AWAY and Keep ypur minds free frm corrupting