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Celibacy: What is its Lived Experience Like? - A No-Holds-Barred Interview with a Catholic Priest

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Celibacy: What is its Lived Experience Like? - A No-Holds-Barred Interview with a Catholic Priest

Why are Catholic Priests required to be celibate? Is this simply an 'archaic law', as some critics claim... or is it something much deeper? In this extremely open and detailed account by a Catholic Priest on what it is like to live a celibate life, Fr. Michael de Stoop breaks open the myths behind the mystery of celibacy - and reveals the beauty and honour of having the gift of a celibate vocation.

You can read the full account by downloading this eBook for free!

Or you can listen to some of the segments as a podcast on Xt3.

Fr. Michael de Stoop is the Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Sydney, and starred in our popular video A Week in the Life of a Priest.

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Elaine Maher
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Elaine Maher wrote at 4:51am on May 3rd 2012
An absolutely fantastic read, pass it on :)
Elizabeth.. .
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Elizabeth.. . wrote at 9:03am on May 8th 2012
I don't understand the big problem with coping with celibacy - there are plenty of single people in the world who are celibate by choice!
Peter Shafton
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Peter Shafton wrote at 1:00am on June 14th 2012
I agree, the eBook is a fantastic read, and all those who blame celibacy for the problems in the clergy must read it. As Elizabeth H observes, there are many single people who are celibate by choice. This does not turn them into paedophiles.
When a Catholic priest takes his vows, he is espoused with the Church, which is the Bride of Christ. In this case celibacy is part of a greater vision – the Priesthood – the total commitment to serving Jesus and His Church, without the distractions and added responsibilities of a wife and children. This “greater vision” only comes to those who respond to that inner calling to completely identify himself with Jesus making spiritual fatherhood more meaningful.
Only after reading the book, “Celibacy: What is its Lived Experience Like”, did I realise that Jesus actually recommended it, Mat. 19:11-12.
Many husbands and wives spend much time apart, due to illness, job requirements etc., their chastity during these periods is not seen as a cause for unfaithfulness. To them Jesus had something similar to say in the same Gospel, Mat. 19: 3-9. According to these verses, God does not tolerate unfaithfulness in a marriage between a man and a woman. So why should unfaithfulness in a marriage between a priest and Christ’s church be any different?
Finally, there is something called the supernatural. A Catholic priest’s situation is in a way completely ‘out of this world’. He has been given the authority to bring down the Creator of All, on to our altars, so we can receive Him into our being. Such a person must surely be considered special. He is human however, and carries the same human frailties we all have to endure; and that is all the more reason we must treat our priests with care, and pray very hard for their protection against our primordial enemy who has priests at the top of his hate list.