Proclaim Conference 2016
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Proclaim Webcast Info Times

  • Thursday 1st of September
    10am - 11.35am (AEST)

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    Keynote 1: Cardinal Donald Wuerl "Pope Francis, Renewal and Parish Evangelisation"
  • Friday 2nd of September
    8.30am - 11.10am (AEST)

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    Keynote 2: Dr Susan Timoney "The Missionary Mandate of the Parish: Christian Life Embedded in Our Neighbourhoods"
    Keynote 3: Mr Daniel Ang "The Evangelising Parish in the Australian Church: Strategies for Prophetic Witness"
  • Saturday 3rd of September
    9.45am – 11am (AEST)

    - Now on Demand
    Keynote 4: Bishop Nicholas Hudson "Oases of mercy: parishes which radiate Christ"
  • Saturday 3rd of September
    1.30pm – 3pm (AEST)

    - Now on Demand
    Panel Response

'How To' Watch the Proclaim Conference 2016 Live Webcast

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  1. Internet Connection
    For the best possible experience, we recommend a broadband internet connection, including ADSL 1, ADSL 2, cable and/or wireless; with a speed of over 750kbps (0.75mbps). Slower internet connections will still work, however the image may not be as high quality. If you would like to test your connection, visit and click 'begin test'.
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  5. Troubleshooting
    Xt3 has put into place several contingency plans to ensure that the WYD Webcast is of high quality, and will run smoothly and uninterrupted. Xt3 staff will be on stand-by providing technical support during the webcast.

If you are experiencing some difficulties accessing the webcast, please refer to the points below:

I can't see any video footage?

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