Year of Youth 2018

About Xt3

Welcome to Xt3!

Pope John Paul II asked of us: "You young people have in a special way the task of witnessing today to the faith; the commitment to bring the Gospel of Christ - the Way, the Truth and the Life - into the third Christian Millennium, to build a new civilization - a civilization of love, of justice and of peace."

And so Xt3 represents Christ (Xt) in the 3rd Millennium.

Xt3 is a content driven social networking site. It has the functionalities of the most common social networks, but with a broad resource base of the latest media that relates to the Catholic faith!

Everyone is welcome

Xt3 is a site to help you connect with other young people interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith, to plug in to the Church and get to know what's going on in your area. Wherever you are in the world, use Xt3 to connect with millions, make new friends, and keep in touch. You don't have to be a Catholic, Xt3 is open to all!

Your Site

Xt3 is your online social network !

  • Diverse, global, and content driven. More than a social networking site, Xt3 is committed to sharing knowledge about our faith with each other.
  • Access to resources - a library that we want you to help build into the biggest and best Catholic library resource.
  • ‘Ask a Priest' is a place you can get answers to your faith questions or read what others have asked and learn more. So keep asking questions, as we take our faith journey together.
  • Direct multimedia channel - Want to see it and hear it? The latest news and developments from around the world will be brought straight to you! From Rome to your home - the media player that brought you a live streaming of the 2009 Palm Sunday event and WYD08's first anniversary Mass is right here on Xt3!
  • WYD2019 Panama - from one WYD to the next! We know you're as excited as we are about WYD 2019 in Panama, so catch up on the latest World Youth Day news and countdown with Xt3!
  • Dynamic, user friendly, responsive - Xt3 has faster search engines throughout the site, and enhanced navigation capability.
  • The Vatican. If you want to know what is going on in the Vatican and what is being planned for the next World Youth Days, then Xt3 is the place to be. You'll find up to date reports, unbiased information on what is happening in the Church, and the possibility to discuss these issues with people from around the globe!
  • Be a witness to your faith and contribute regularly to the Prayer Wall.
  • Regular Newsletters about what is going on with Xt3, connecting you with the global Catholic Church.
  • Your own Diocese page - Xt3is available now for every diocese in the world, and offers everything from news, resources, advice, events, charity projects and much more, to young people. It is a Direct Link into Youth Ministry - Every Diocese in the world can have a page on Xt3.
  • 24/7 moderation by a community of trained, young volunteers on 24-hour basis, as well as providing tips for safe internet use. These volunteers welcome new visitors and moderate on potentially inappropriate content (look out for the little red exclamation mark if you need to report anything). If you would like to be more involved, have a think about joining our volunteer team; we only ask for a commitment of 2 hours a week and it's a great way to get involved in the site and make a difference.


If you have any questions about Xt3, please visit our FAQs, or contact us through the feedback section!


We hope you will share in this journey with us - Connect with Millions. Share the Experience. Build a Better World!