Year of Youth 2018

Moderation for the site

Moderation on Xt3

This page describes the role of the volunteers that you'll come across on Xt3 and also gives you a little more information about how to become one yourself.  Our excellent team of Volunteers are on the site 24/7, welcoming new visitors, keeping an eye on discussions and removing potentially inappropriate content (look out for the little red exclamation mark if you need to report anything).

Xt3 Volunteers...

  • Welcome new members of Xt3, and help them find their way around the site
  • Help form an online community that will help its members to grow in faith and build a better world
  • Support those in need.
  • Keep an eye on the public areas of the site
  • Ensure that Xt3 is a safe place for all involved
  • Get involved in discussions, presenting authentic Catholic teachings.
  • Respond to the concerns raised by members of Xt3

Different kinds of Volunteers

Moderators - Most volunteers on the site act as standard moderators. These members can't see anything more than a normal Xt3 user, but are able to respond to your concerns on public pages and welcome new members to the site.

Senior Moderators - These volunteers have further training and moderate the site on a more regular basis. They can help to train and support new Moderators and have greater access across the site.

Administrators - These are staff members of Xt3. They are similar to Senior Moderators but have a more administrative role. It's their job to approve official Groups and Events, to put news and updates on the site, to respond to your feedback and to Urgent alerts and to support the team of volunteers.

What Volunteers can and can't see

Senior Moderators and Administrators can see everyone's profile page, and all groups (even private groups). However no one can read your private messages unless you report a message. All other moderators are not able to see any more than a regular Xt3 member.

How to volunteer

If you would like to get more involved as an Xt3 volunteer, or if you have any questions about site Moderation, please contact us through the Feedback option.

Any Questions?

You can also contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the volunteers on Xt3 using the Feedback section, selecting "Xt3 Volunteers".