Year of Youth 2018

Privacy Guidelines

Managing Your Privacy Settings

Xt3 gives you the option to manage your privacy settings, so as to limit who can and can't send you messages on the site.

Finding your Privacy Settings

You can find your privacy settings in two ways:

  • Select "Home" and then "Edit Profile" from the Menu bar at the top of every screen. Then select ‘Privacy" from the selection of tabs immediately below "Edit Profile".
  • Select "Messages" from the Menu bar at the top of every screen. Immediately below the "Private Messages" heading you will see a padlock icon with the words "Edit privacy settings" next to it. Select this.

Selecting who can private message you

In the screen ‘Edit Profile', you will see the heading "My Privacy Settings" and beneath that "Private Messages". Here you will see a box with a drop down menu that gives you four options to choose from, as detailed below:

  • "Anyone can send me a private message". This will allow anyone on the site to send you a private message, including people completely unknown to you.
  • "Only my friends and Admins of my groups/events can send me private messages".  This will only allow anyone that you have accepted as a friend to private message you, and also any Administrator of any group or event that you are a member of. It will not allow anyone else to private message you.
  • "Only my friends can send me private messages". This will only allow those people that you have accepted as friends to private message you.
  • "I don't want to receive any private messages". This will prevent anyone being able to send you private messages.

Choose the privacy setting that you wish to have and then click on "Save" at the bottom of the screen. You can change the setting at any time.

Please note, regardless of which option you choose, Xt3 will always be able to send you private messages.

Blocking Individual Members

You can block individual members from sending you private messages. To do this, once they have sent you a private message, click on the person icon at the end of the message. You will then be taken to a screen titled "Block User" where it will ask you "Are you sure you want to block (user's name)". If you are, select "Block User". You will then be taken back to the Private Message page with a message at the top confirming that "You have now blocked (user's name)".

Unblocking Individual Members

Once you have blocked a member, if you go to "Edit Profile" you will see an additional tab titled "Blocked users".  If you click on this it will show who you have blocked and opposite their name there will be the option to "unblock" that person. If you select this you will see a message at the top of the screen that says "You are no longer blocking (user's name)".